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English Camp

We offer paid English camps during semester breaks so you can continue to earn money whilst exploring another area of Thailand.  

What are our English Camps?

Our English Camps are not only educational but they are also fun and make learning exciting. Our camps are packed full of games so fun for both the students and the teachers - a great way to earn some extra cash for your travel plans.


Why Join Our Camps

Our English Camps are immersive programs designed to enhance English language skills. These camps offer a unique platform for teachers to engage with students in a fun, interactive, and informal environment. We provide:


  • Hotel accommodation and all meals included.

  • Full schedule and teacher resources provided. 

  • Travel from accommodation to camp venue.

  • Certificate of completion.

Educate Abroad (Thailand) running an English Camp


Join the Fun


Earn Some Extra Money

Allows you to have a sustainable summer break or save money for a rainy day (not many in Thailand!)


Enhance Teaching Skills

Allows you to experiment with innovative teaching methods and develop versatile teaching skills


Make New Friends

Expand your teacher network in Thailand and make life-long friends - you never know when you need a place to crash when travelling or need to call a buddy for advice


Meet Your Fellow Teachers

A great opportunity to meet and have fun with teachers from other placements 


Explore Thailand

Explore new regions of Thailand, from picturesque rural areas to vibrant cities, while participating in camp activities.


Have Fun

Have fun being creative with English games and activities, and experience teaching other school grades to your current placement 

An Educate Abroad (Thailand) English Camp

Register Your Interest

Participating in our English Camp is not just an opportunity to teach; it's a chance to create lasting memories, foster cross-cultural understanding, and inspire young minds. If you're ready to embark on an exciting English Camp adventure in Thailand, contact us today and let us know your plans. Your journey to making a positive impact and exploring the wonders of Thailand awaits!

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