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10 Reasons to be an ESL teacher

Maybe you don't know what step to take next in your career? Or maybe you've just graduated from University? Either way, teaching English abroad is a great option to consider.


Being an ESL teacher will allow you to travel the world alongside your job. ESL teachers are in high demand across the globe.

Widen your circle of friends

The friends you make on your teaching abroad experience will be for life!

Influence multiple generations

When you teach your classes, your lessons extend beyond the students to their families. In many cases your students will take what you taught home with them and teach their parents, younger siblings and grandparents!

Change your life

Maybe you’re not sure what to do with your life, or you need a change from your current 9-5. Being an ESL teacher brings change on a non-permanent basis – unless you want it to be!

Learn a new language

Living abroad will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and perhaps come back home speaking another language fluently.

Make a difference

Teaching English abroad allows you to see the direct impact you are having on people's lives. Enabling a child to go forward in life and achieve great things with a skill you have helped them obtain – speaking English!

Save money

Saving money is easy as an ESL teacher in a country that has an extremely low cost of living and you receiving an ESL teacher salary. Let the adventures continue!

Experience a new culture

You will meet new people and experience new things every day – something you could not have learned from a computer in your home country!

Gain credible work experience

You will be able to put admirable work experience on your CV that will impress any future employer.

Rewarding experience

No two days are the same as an ESL teacher. For many students, the time spent in their English lessons with their ESL teachers is the best part of their school day.

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