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10 Reasons to Teach in Thailand

Why Thailand? Thailand is a country steeped in unique traditions; it has a varied and delicious cuisine, all year-round sunshine, and a rich, inviting culture. Most important of all is the famous Thai smile.


Thailand is commonly described as having three seasons hot, hotter and hottest. The country offers year-round sunshine and hot temperatures. It does sometimes rain, however, majority of the time the weather is idyllic. If you currently live in a cold climate, or want to dodge those cold, dark mornings, Thailand is definitely the place to be!


Students in Thailand start school at a very young age and are well-familiarised with their school routine. The students are well-disciplined (mostly) and show respect to their teachers. The students are always so happy and excited to see their English teachers - you will always be greeted with numerous high fives and smiles. You can have a lot of fun with your students!


Thailand's culture is extremely important to Thai people and is ingrained in daily life throughout the country. Thailand is the only South-East Asian country to have never been colonised - they are very proud of this. Thai people will be very keen to teach you about their culture, they love when you show an interest and try to learn more about their culture and traditions.


You will never go hungry in Thailand. You will notice almost immediately that Thai people appear to ALWAYS be eating. Food is a very important part of Thai daily life. If you sit down with a Thai person, you will almost always be offered food, they LOVE to feed you. There are a wide array of tastes and delicacies across the country. Street food is a massive part of Thai culture, most of your meals will be eaten on the side of the street from a street food vendor and will always taste delicious!


There are many National holidays in Thailand, which make for an extremely good work life balance. Coupled with the many school events that happen during school hours, as an English teacher, you will rarely work a full 5 day week whilst working at the school. This results in ample time to learn more about Thai culture, and also make use of those days off with travelling around Thailand.


There's something for everyone in Thailand, the idyllic beaches, the bustling cities, the green forests, high mountains and flowing waterfalls - it has it all. There's a large backpacker population, which you can either dive right into on the infamous islands and in bustling Bangkok, or you can head to more remote scenic areas in Isaan for an authentic Thai experience.

Expat Community

Thailand is a hotspot for expats from all around the world. You can literally show up at any place, anywhere in Thailand and meet fellow westerners living and teaching their way across the country. This helps to ease you into your new surroundings and settle you into your new job. Having a community of teachers gives you a way to share stories, receive teaching tips, and listen to useful advice. These important people will quickly become your Thailand family - you will travel together, lesson plan together, and be there for each other during those rough moments that can come with living abroad. You will make friends for life!

Thai People

Thai people are unlike any others, they are the most genuine, hospitable and welcoming people you are likely to come across. Thai people will be interested to talk to you and ask you questions - you will make new friends everywhere you go! If you make an effort to learn about Thai culture and to speak Thai, this will go very far with them!

Unique Work Experience

Teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand will look very impressive on your CV to any future employer. It is so much more than just a teaching experience. You would have shown skills of living in an environment where you do not understand the primary language that is spoken and where the culture is completely different to any you are likely to have experienced previously. There is a wide array of skills that you will gain from this experience and be able to use as selling points to future employers.


Whilst your salary may seem lower than any you would earn in a western country, due to the low cost of living, you will earn more than enough to live a comfortable life and also save money each month. You'll have enough money for those Friday Chang's, those weekend waterfall or beach trips and that end of semester trip down to the islands.

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